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Welcome to the Silver Lake Property
Owner's Association website

Located 8 miles north of Reno, Nevada, Silver Lake is near the intersection of Highway 395 and Red Rock Road. The nearby residential areas of Silver Knolls and the Red Rock community overlook the lake and Stead Airport, where the exciting Reno Air Races take place every September.

If you would like more information about Silver Knolls send us an e-mail with your questions...

Community Room Use

To use the Community Room at the Fire House, contact Maureen O'Brien at 775-328-3605 or  The Fire House Community Room address is 11525 Red Rock Road, Reno, NV 89508. Download and print out the Station Use Permit.

Latest news...

Open burning:  Open burning ended May 14th, 2017. Open Burning is closed until the end of the wildland fire season, and will not reopen until approval has been granted by the Air Quality Management Division in the fall.

The latest from the Stead airport: Article: News from Stead Airport

As you no doubt have noticed, continuing “Fireworks” have activated our Reno-Stead BLM tanker base. In addition, we are establishing a heli-base here at Stead today, July 6th..
Our fire fighting teams are working three fires to the east of Stead right now. The following aircraft are working out to the tanker base:
4  Avro RJ-85
3  SEATs (Single Engine Air Tanker)
5  various spotter aircraft
We are expecting two additional aircraft…CL-415 ‘scoopers’.
The heli-base is setting up at the west end of the ramp with a mix of 5 smaller helicopters, and the Sheriff’s Huey helicopter will be adding to that under heli-base supervision.
As of right now, BLM has not requested a temp tower, but they will be monitoring the situation for growth each day and reviewing their needs.
To give you a bit of flavor about the tanker base activity since late-June, as of July 5th we already have 280 tanker sorties that have delivered 447,000 gallons of retardant on area fires. This does not count the sorties flown by the Sheriff helicopter nor the odd helicopter sortie.

Mike Scott
Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

CL-415 Scooper aircraft

fire_tanker Avro RJ-85

Washoe County is warning homeowners in low lying areas that snow melting off Peavine Mountain is projected to raise the lake level 2 to 4 ft in both Silver Lake and Swan Lake. The water table is rising and septic systems may begin to fail. Water testing kits are available from the County.

Starting Monday, March 20, 2017 the County Road Department will begin installing the same barrier system (Hesco) being used in Lemmon Valley to keep Silver Lake from coming up onto Red Rock Rd at the road's lowest point. Please slow down and let them work safely. Expect some delays as one lane of the road will have to be closed for the installation causing single lane travel with flaggers. (UPDATE: Evidently the County decided that sandbags at the edge of the lake would be sufficient.)

Near flooding
Peavine Mountain & nearly flooded Silver Lake. Photo credit: Gail Mattingly

Community Yard Sale: The 22nd Annual Silver Knolls Community Yard sale was Sunday, June 4th. 55 homes participated.  SKCO and Volunteer firemen hosted a BBQ lunch at the fire house community room, between 11 and 2 pm.  The Yard Sale Map was posted for download ahead of the sale.

Sign up for the new Silver Knolls newsletter. The first newsletter should be emailed to you in early March. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Washoe County: Residents advised to report damage from recent storms/flooding.

New Waste Management garbage and recycling pickup information here.

Domestic wells situation:
There will be another water meeting on Feb 6, 2017 at 9 a.m. at the Legislature in Carson City.

We were asked to wear red tee shirts or blouses/jackets for Common Core rallies. All signs have to be polite, and on topic, so the media could not jump on flaws and distract from the message of the rally.

Updated information: Domestic_wells_update.pdf

Archived Newstalk radio broadcasts of an interview with the State Water Engineer Jason King on the Jon Sanchez show on 9/6/2016. Go to, scroll down to "If you own a well..." Second interview with Jason King on 10/25/16, titled "State Water Engineer Jason King."

The Record-Courier out of Minden, Garberville & Carson City has a more recent write up on the Domestic Wells issue: Scores Testify at Water Meeting

KTVN's report on the hearing in Carson City on Friday, August 26th. State engineer recommends changes to curtailment laws for domestic wells

We will post the minutes of the hearing when they become available.

Fire proof your property... Volunteer Fire fighter Dale Hildebrandt gave a presentation and handouts, Saturday, August 13th on Living with Fire! To schedule a fire danger assessment of your property call Dale, 775-772-3750.

Jackpot Fire pix
Photo: Chuck Ross
Wildfire, 7 miles north of Silver Knolls, the night of August 6, burned 1700 acres, mostly on Goldstone Road, stretching down from the top of Cold Springs. There were only a few evacuations and no structures were lost.

2016 open burning is now closed, as of April 20, 2016: Details

Our 2016 Desert Cleanup was Saturday, June 18th hosted by Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful KTMB.  A small group picked up illegally dumped trash on the desert to the west and northwest of Silver Knolls.

Read latest update 1/9/2016 regarding Changing our Silver Knolls Fire Protection Services, on our fire page.  Also, Recent 911 Call Raises Concern.

Blue Address Sign

Older News

Reflective address signs are still available. Call Nancy at 775-225-3784 and leave a message. In an emergency, if the fire department or ambulance needs to find your house these signs are a huge help, day or night.

Community Yard Sale 2016: The 21st Annual Community Yard sale was Sunday, June 5th. 40 families participated and nearly 300 maps were handed out. The weather could not have been nicer. Everyone enjoyed BBQ at the firehouse for lunch.

The 2015 SLPOA Arts & Crafts Fair was Saturday,  November 21st.

Pancake breakfast fund raiser at the Fire House was held November 14, 2015.
Junk the Junipers: Sponsored by Living with Fire, BLM, UNR Co-operative Extension and our SLVFD, a wood chipper was on scene at the Silver Lake Volunteer Fire station. Each individual load of resident's yard waste was chipped up and the 'mulch' was given back to each person, if wanted.

Septic Systems

The SLPOA Board has been gathering information for our residents about septic systems. We hosted a speaker from the Washoe County Community Services Department who addressed this topic at our Board Meeting, June 2014.
What to Do About Septic Systems.pdf
Septic systems letter.txt
Nitrate memo May 2010.pdf
Golden Valley Newsletter September 2010.pdf

Local Desert Cleanup: Working with the non-profit group Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, local volunteers met May 2, 2015 to clean up trash on our local desert. More details here.

The 2014 SLPOA Arts & Crafts Fair was Saturday,  November 22nd at the Fire House here in Silver Knolls. More than 27 artists participated. There were activities for kids. Cookies and cocoa or cappuccino were served to all.

Propane Co-op: In an effort to secure great service and lower propane prices in our community, after 3 meetings with the residents over 3 months, bids were requested from 7 propane companies. Five propane companies submitted bids June 14th. On June 28th the Propane Board met with the final 3 candidates and selected the winning bid.  We now have an agreement with High Sierra Propane!

Questions? Call Casey at 775-233-6918 or email at It's not too late to join our Co-op.

The Bio-mass project in Silver Knolls, next to the fire house, was open April 1 through June 30, 2012. It is now closed.

Our 18th annual Silver Knolls Yard Sale was Sunday, June 2nd, 2013. The Fire House provided coffee and pastry in the morning. There was no BBQ.

BBQ 2012

Unpaved roads: Regarding the unpaved streets Wagon Ho and part of Osage in Silver Knolls, there was a meeting in the Washoe County complex, September 1st. Commissioner Weber and County road representatives were present to address the problems of our Silver Knolls unpaved roads. This meeting was open to the public. Read the report in the winter issue of the SLPOA newsletter

Water export: The water export project from the Rancho Haven area north of Silver Knolls, has been stopped.The appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court by the Redrock Valley Ranch, LLC (RVR) has been denied as of July 7, 2011. Read about the decision here Caselaw

Yard Sale: In 2011, our huge annual multi-family Silver Knolls area yard sale was on Sunday, June 5th. 54 families participated. There was a bit of rain later in the day, but it didn't seem to slow anyone down.

The Silver Star Ranch development: adjacent to the planned Evans Ranch development, came before the Reno Planning Commission at the February 3rd meeting and was approved. In pdf format, here is the prospectus from the developer, complete with maps, LDC09-00058 (Silver Star Ranch PUD). Warning, large file - 30 MB.

The Halloween Festival was held October 31st 2009 at the Fire Station; sponsored by the Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department and the SLPOA. Kids and parents enjoyed the costumes and trick or treat fun and games, activities, prizes and, of course, the treats to eat.

NNCWC - The newly formed Northern Nevada Citizens for Water Conservation, Inc (NNCWC) is a grassroots movement that was started in Rancho Haven/Sierra Ranchos to organize against the Red Rock Valley Ranch LLC water export pipeline. As a result of their recent victory at the County Commission they decided to make their group 'official' and incorporate. They meet every 1st and 3rd Monday night at 6:30 pm at the Red Rock Hounds Clubhouse.

The Red Rock Valley Ranch LLC then asked for a Judicial review of the Commissioners' decision, resulting in the judge ruling against them in March 2010. The Red Rock Valley Ranch LLC has since appealed the case to the Nevada Supreme Court, which may take several years to produce a ruling.

NNCWC will continue to raise funds for environmental studies and possible future legal fees to fight this water export via pipeline.

News - The Red Rock wildfire was burning to our northwest in mid July 2009. Air tankers, helicopters and ground crews battled the fire on 4 fronts. Thank you to all those who fought the fire and kept us safe.

airship picture

News -
The big golf ball you may have seen parked out on the Stead Airport property near the National Guard buildings last year was actually a 90 ft. diameter, helium filled experimental airship with 4 engines and a pilot gondola. It needs to be tethered when it's windy.

coyoteNews - We've received several complaints this spring and summer about residents feeding coyotes in our area. This is a bad practice on several levels and may lead to the coyotes being destroyed.

The Nevada Dept of Wildlife has a great page about living with Coyotes.


5/20/09 - Annual Membership Meeting & Election of Officers. The new Bylaws were approved, new Board members were voted in, and several current Board members were re-elected for new terms.

5/12/09 - Appeal of the Board of Adjustment?s Action Denying Without Prejudice Special Use Permit Case No. SB08-023 (aka Red Rock water pipeline) -- Community Development. (Commission District 5.) - Commissioners denied the appeal without prejudice.

3/5/09 - The Washoe County Board of Adjustment met March 4th, 2009. After 5 hours of deliberations, the Board decided unanimously to 'deny without prejudice' the permit for the Red Rock Road water pipeline. (Special use permit SB08-023). Approximately 200 residents of the Sierra Ranchos and Rancho Haven attended the meeting.

December '08 News - FEMA has declared that flood plains be redefined in many of the areas in the U.S. Our area is no exception. Many residents in the south Osage and Wagon Ho areas have received maps and letters from the county regarding the revised flood plain in our area. Being included in the flood plain can affect your insurance. Download the first map and letter. Second map and letter. These are large, multi-page pdf files. View in Adobe Acrobat.

Local Development Links - the Evans Ranch development has an informational website with related documents available for download.

The Silver Hills development has an informational website with related documents available for download.

Neighborhood Watch:
The residents of Silver Knolls have formed a very active Neighborhood Watch group. Join us!

Contact Neighborhood Watch by email at

Next Meeting: The next meeting is Tuesday, August 29, 2017, at 6:30 PM, at the Fire House Community Room, 11525 Red Rock Road, in Silver Knolls. Meetings are led by Deputy Sheriff Teresa Aquila. Residents are encouraged to attend. Note: meetings will now be approximately every 6 months, on the 4th Tuesday. Dates for meetings in the coming year are:

  • Tuesday, February 28, 2017
  • Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SLPOA (Silver Knolls) Newsletter

In COLOR, mailed to dues paying members. To become a member fill out our application.

Some previous SLPOA newsletters in pdf format:

3rd Quarter (Fall) 2009 newsletter

2nd Quarter (Summer) 2009 newsletter

1st Quarter (Spring) 2009 newsletter

4th Quarter (Winter) 2008 newsletter

3rd Quarter (Fall) 2008 newsletter

2nd Quarter (Summer) 2008 newsletter

1st Quarter (Spring) 2008 newsletter

4th Quarter (Winter) 2007 newsletter

Bylaws: Approved by SLPOA Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting May 20, 2009. New SLPOA Bylaws in pdf format.

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