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Washoe County Code Enforcement
Common Questions

Washoe County Code Enforcement Mission Statement:
Washoe County Code Enforcement provides sensitive, courteous, and efficient services designed to ensure quality of life for all residents and property owners. These services protect the health, safety, and welfare of Washoe County residents through the fair and impartial enforcement of County codes. Enforcement emphasizes voluntary compliance followed, when necessary, by proper legal procedures.

1. Which County Codes does Community Development staff enforce?
2. What types of County Code violations does Community Development staff enforce?
3. How do I report a potential violation of the County’s land use or business license regulations?
4. How quickly will a Code Enforcement Officer respond to a complaint?
5. How can I find out what action has been taken in response to my complaint?
6. How do I know if the location of a potential Code violation is within unincorporated Washoe County?
7. How long does it take to resolve a violation of the County’s land use or business license regulations?
8. What is the punishment for violating the County’s land use or business license regulations?
9. Why doesn’t the County just issue written criminal citations for an offense, rather than allowing time for a person to correct the violation?
10. I received a Notice of Violation/Order to Comply in the mail from your offices, but I am renting the property to tenants. Since they are occupying the residence, aren’t they the ones responsible for correcting any violations?
11. Are there rules for storing vehicles on my residential property?
12. A vehicle has been abandoned on my property without my consent. Can you tow it away?
13. An inoperable vehicle has been abandoned on a street near my house. Can you remove it?
14. Can I store building material on my residential property?
15. I want to move a new mobile/manufactured home on my property. Can my current mobile/manufactured home remain on the property after the new home is installed?
16. I am building my home and would like to reside on my property during construction. Is this allowed?
17. I would like my guests to stay on my property in an RV. Is this allowed?
18. I would like to place a storage container on my property, is this allowed?
19. Are there rules for placing accessory structures such as sheds or playhouses on my property? How about rules for setbacks from my property line for these types of structures?
20. My neighbor is conducting activities that are prohibited by our neighborhood CCRs. Can you help me?
21. When do I need a Washoe County business license?
22. What is considered as “conducting a business?”
23. Are there businesses that don’t require a business license?
24. Can I operate a business from my home?
25. I did not see my question, now what?
Please contact the Code Enforcement hotline, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time at 328-6106. They will be happy to help you.

The questions above are addressed in this 9 page pdf document ... WashoeCoCodeEnforcement_10_07.pdf

Page updated May 20, 2017